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5 things to do before bidding on U.S. DoD contracts

In fiscal year 2023, U.S. legislation authorized $816.7 billion in expenditures for the Department of Defense (DOD). Even without the recent $100 billion request by the Biden administration, this is a massive budget and selling to the U.S. military is a big opportunity for Canadian businesses.

The U.S. DoD is always looking for new companies to meet their growing needs and, in this webinar, Suzanne Wilkinson Director of US Government Operations at CCC will walk you through five things you need to do to be part of the U.S. DoD ecosystem.

You will learn about:

  • The agreement that provides Canadian businesses equal access to U.S. DoD opportunities
  • 5 things Canadian businesses should do first before pursuing U.S. DoD contracts
  • Where to find opportunities with the U.S. DoD
  • Resources to help you pursuit U.S. DoD opportunities.

Who should attend:

  • Canadian businesses who have a product that governments buy
  • Canadian businesses who are looking to expand by selling to the U.S. military.

Join us!