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IDEaS Marketplace 2023

We are thrilled to announce that the IDEaS Marketplace event is back! IDEaS Marketplace 2023 will be held at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, on June 2, 2023, from 9h00 to 16h00.


Innovators will have the chance to showcase their IDEaS-funded innovations, create partnerships and network with Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces (DND/CAF) personnel, as well as leaders in industry and government to further advance their technologies.


Dynamic and interactive presentations will cover a number of challenges faced by DND/CAF.


Some of the themes include:

  • Identifying and countering cyber threats;
  • Detection of concealed explosives;
  • Maritime surveillance and quantum sensing technologies;
  • Communications and ground solutions for combat in the arctic;
  • Tracking and de-orbiting space debris and protection of satellites from natural and artificial threats;
  • Portable power solutions for soldiers on the move;
  • Real-time insights for pandemic decision making;
  • Sanitizing cleaning sensitive equipment and workspaces;
  • Autonomous systems: Trust and barriers to adoption (Innovation Networks);
  • Advanced materials: Innovation in detection avoidance and physical protection (Innovation Networks);
  • Fast and adaptive logistics planning for military missions;
  • and much more!


Participation to this event is FREE – and by invitation only. Attendance will be limited to other government departments and large defence companies with the ability to invest in technology developed by IDEaS, as well as DND/CAF personnel.


If you are from another government department or large industry stakeholder, and would like to attend, please contact Heather at:

The IDEaS team