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MARISSA Symposium

The IV. International MARISSA Symposium 2024 on Maritime Safety and Security Applications will open its gates on June 4-5, 2023, at the Forum Fischbahnhof, Bremerhaven, Germany.

The internationally well established MARISSA symposium regularly attracts 250+ leading industry partners, decision makers, research institutions and public administrations. An attractive programme will await the visitors from Europe and beyond.

This includes attractive presentations and exhibits from 2024 partner country Canada.

The general outline of the programme is as follows:

3 June  Evening “Icebreaker Party”

4 June Morning and afternoon technical sessions, exhibition open

  • Technical presentations and demonstrations at our outside harbour area
  • Evening reception

5 June Morning and afternoon technical sessions, exhibition open

  • Technical presentations and demonstrations at our outside harbour area

The symposium will address actual challenges and solutions, trends and developments in the field of maritime safety and security, such as e.g.

  • Maritime Safety and Security in a changing world
  • Protection of critical maritime infrastructures
  • Security of coastal and offshore operations
  • Maritime territorial surveillance and border protection
  • Ocean monitoring and sustainable development
  • Marine traffic monitoring, surveillance and coordination
  • Maritime port-to-port logistics
  • Marine data exchange, digital cooperation and cyber risk management
  • Autonomous into the future

Establishing and maintaining maritime safety and security application is a must for all maritime branches. Shipping and ports, maritime transport and logistics, fisheries and offshore production, green energy and environmental monitoring are in need of advanced technologies and services to tackle tomorrow’s challenges in the maritime realm. Today the marine industry faces far-reaching changes – changes reaching from geopolitical shifts in trade and defence, to technological advances in computing and communication technologies to the exponentially growing market of new business models under the digitalisation revolution.

To address above listed topics in a comprehensive 2-days symposium, trends and challenges in Maritime Safety and Security Applications in view of global security threats, advancing technologies, new economic structures and consequences of digitalisation efforts shall be discussed with international experts from various maritime branches.

The primary event language is English. An in-depth conference programme shall become available by December 2023.