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NATO Industry Conference 2023

To be held at the Canadian War Museum in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, this one-day NATO Industry Conference 2023 will provide a detailed exploration of the NATO DIANA Initiative, the role in innovation funding, and the practical application and future of dual-use technologies.

The Policy Insights Forum (PIF), as the organizer of this Event, alongside its media partner, Canadian Defence Review (CDR), is honoured to have the opportunity to select the Canadian War Museum as the venue. The very origins of NATO find themselves reflected in the history portrayed in the Museum. In our view, there would be no more emblematic backdrop for current discussions on NATO’s initiatives in respect of technology, innovation, and defence.

This Conference Event is to be opened by Senior NATO Officials from Brussels and Norfolk (USA) and Canada’s Minister of National Defence (invited), setting the tone for the day with an emphasis on the convergence of innovation and national security.

The first Panel, “Unpacking NATO DIANA,” will take a deep dive into NATO’s Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA) Initiative. The discussion will revolve around the application, impact, and future direction of this significant program, helping to demystify its purpose and highlighting the ways in which DIANA will influence the global defence landscape.

The second Panel, “The Role of Finance in Innovation,” is to feature a dynamic discussion among finance experts, venture capitalists, and innovators on the symbiotic relationship between financial backing, technological breakthroughs, and security. The conversation will touch on investment strategies, risk mitigation, and fostering an environment conducive to financial and technological growth.

The third and final Panel, “Successful Dual-Use Technology Companies,” will see company executives share their experiences and insights on the successful application of dual-use technologies. The conversation’s goal is to underscore the potential for these technologies to transform both commercial and defence sectors and highlight the need for cross-industry collaboration.

During the lunch intermission, a Fireside Chat will address the role of “Academia in Technology, Innovation, and National Defence.” Respected academicians and industry stalwarts deliberate on the vital part universities play in policy formulation, technological advancements, and defence strategies, emphasizing the need for a robust academia-industry-defence collaboration.

Following the lunch intermission, NATO Officials will discuss the role of Public Diplomacy and its engagement with Industry followed by remarks from the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED), who will kick-start the afternoon Marketplace segment, an interactive showcase of new technologies and their potential applications in both the commercial and defence sectors.