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NATO Life Cycle Management Conference and Exhibition

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and increasing tensions elsewhere in the world, have generated increased requirements across NATO and partner nations for new capabilities, and existing capabilities in increasing numbers, all with utmost urgency. Meanwhile, supply chains still suffering from post-COVID strain are seeing further disruption, and nations and business alike are in unknown economic territory.

Against this backdrop, the annual NATO LCM Conference will continue to present new developments, lessons learned and achievements made in dedicated areas as a basis for new and innovative approaches. The event will again be organised in cooperation with the NATO Life Cycle Management Group (AC/327) and be combined with a small exhibition, where interested parties are invited to showcase respective capabilities. The conference will take place at the Park Inn by Radisson Brussels Airport on 24/25 January 2023.

Scope of the Conference

According to NATO’s Systems Life Cycle Management (SLCM) policy the main goal of systems life cycle management is to efficiently and effectively deliver, use and maintain NATO capabilities. The primary objectives include:

  • To have a common understanding of all aspects of SLCM;
  • To create integrated and seamless business management practices, from initial concept to retirement;
  • To establish effective collaboration between all stakeholders, with clearly defined responsibilities;
  • To facilitate technology insertion, mid-life updates and address obsolescence based on life cycle considerations;
  • To define and apply an integrated systems approach to the development, use and support of systems;
  • To acquire systems that fulfil operational and logistic requirements, optimise internal and external interfaces,

    address integrated logistics and in-service support, and minimise production, in-service and disposal impacts

    on the environment.
    Against this background, the 18th NATO LCM Conference will provide a platform for the presentation of innovative approaches and concepts in support of effective materiel management. In addition to specialist presentations and papers the conference will provide ample opportunity for the exchange of information between and among experts, programme managers and decision makers from the nations’ armed forces, defence administration and industry.

    Briefing Abstracts

    The papers/briefings are to present status reports and results as well as expert analyses of current and future LCM, LCC and ILS implementation projects. Today, the military environment is increasingly influenced and characterised by cooperative models, innovative economical schemes and the need for environmentally friendly solutions. In response to that, presenters are encouraged to also consider related aspects of their subject.

    • Those interested in giving one or more presentation(s) in accordance with the theme of the conference are requested to submit their abstract(s) preferably in an electronic format (email);
    • The time slots for the presentations are limited to 20 – 30 min. incl. 5-10 min. discussion time;
    • Abstracts should not exceed 10 – 15 lines and should briefly address the subject and objective of the presentation;
    • Your abstract submission should include the title(s) of the presentation(s), name and position of the speaker,

      organisation and full address with phone and fax numbers and email address.

    • Deadline for the submission of abstracts: 11 November 2022.

      following which information on the selected papers and further information will be circulated.

      Points of Contact

      Please send abstracts to the PoCs below. AC/327 will be pleased to advise you on the content of your paper, whereas Mittler Report Publishing is in charge of all organisational aspects.

Mittler Report Verlag

Achim Abele
Phone: +49 228-25900-347


Thomas Espelund Pedersen M.Sc., Ph.D.
Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation Phone: + 45 728-15827