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NIAG study on Suppression of Enemy Air Defence Capabilities Required in 2030 – Exploratory Group Meeting

A NIAG Exploratory Group meeting is called for Thursday, 30 March 2023, starting at 09:30 (and estimated to conclude by 16:00 Brussels time), to address “Suppression of Enemy Air Defence Capabilities Required in 2030”.

This meeting will be held in-person only at NATO HQ. 

The purpose of the Exploratory Group meeting is to examine the study requirements and establish the organization of the Study Group. You will find attached the calling notice for the meeting followed by a description of the study objectives.

Industry representatives willing to take part in this study (further called Participants) are invited to contact their NIAG delegation prior to registering for this study. The Head of the Canadian NIAG Delegation is Nicolas Todd (


Participants are invited to complete two registration processes:

1.1.                  A registration for the meeting, via the DI portal at

  1. a)              Once on the DI Portal, please go to NIAG, then “events registration” located underneath the NIAG logo in the centre of the screen. This will point you to a page listing upcoming events. Click on the event you wish to register for – open the terms and conditions and complete the questionnaire.
  2. b)             Please ensure that you complete the registration for the meeting by 23 March 2023.


1.2.                  A registration to the NIAG Portal for the newcomers (not being in possession of credentials to NIAG portal), in order to be granted access to the documents prepared for this study.

  1. a)              This registration requires you to fill in the form that opens at on the top-right hand side of the page, Register yourself. Make sure you select NIAG as community of interest (a field towards the end of the registration form).
  2. b)             After you click the ‘Submit’ button at the end of the registration form, a notification will be sent automatically to our office. The NIAG staff will then approve your access in the following days.
  3. c)              This registration shall also be finalised by 23 March 2023 the latest, in order to allow us time to approve your access to the documentation and in order for you to prepare for the meeting. Please note that the first registration (paragraph 1.1.) does not automatically grant you access to documentation.


Unescorted NATO HQ Pass for attendance in person: 

  • Security clearance/building access: Access to NATO Headquarters for EG meetings will require an unescorted access pass that is to be arranged only through the national (Canadian) Delegation.  This requires a NATO Secret clearance to obtain an unescorted building pass. Escort will not be provided. Participants should contact the Canadian Delegation at least 2 weeks in advance to obtain their pass.  Canadian citizens who plan on participating in person and who currently hold a NATO Secret clearance should contact the Canadian Delegation at to request a NATO pass.
  • Obtaining a NATO Secret clearance: For information on how obtain security screening and comply with contract security requirements, a program managed by PSPC, please visit: and Please note that it can take many months to obtain a NATO Secret clearance if starting from scratch.