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NSPA – Clean Energy Industry Event

1. During the 2021 and 2022 Summits, NATO leaders agreed the Alliance to become the leader on adapting to the impact of Climate Change to security and to integrate Climate Change considerations into all core tasks, due to its profound impact on the allied security.

2. The 2021 NATO Climate Change and Security Action Plan has set the pace and the priorities on how the Alliance should adapt and mitigate to Climate Change. Among others, the Action Plan calls NATO to make appropriate efforts with a view to significantly reduce fossil fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and its overall environmental footprint while ensuring to fulfil its core mission and tasks.

3. NSPA is committed to support Alliance and the Partner Nations for their current and future needs on Clean Energy1 , in support of their Defence/military activities and their national climate change-related commitments.

4. We take great pleasure to invite you to invite you and your national representatives to the Clean Energy Industry event to be held on 07-08 June 2023 at NSPA, Capellen, Luxembourg.

5. The aim of the event is to avail industry the opportunity to introduce their Clean Energy products to NSPA’s customers. This event has been organized in support of the Alliance’s level of ambition on climate change mitigation and adaptation, materialized in a context of increased demand in operational deployable capabilities, where innovative energy solutions have a pivotal role.

6. This 2-day event will comprise of a combination of briefings and presentations from nations, academia, NSPA and industry, as well exhibition and live demonstrations from industries on a wide palette of applications and equipment related to Clean Energy. The exact programme will be communicated in due time.

7. NSPA CLOs and the National Representatives are kindly invited to;

a. confirm their attendance;

b. disseminate this invitation to the National subject matter experts;

c. provide information on which topic(s) their nations wish to discuss and/or present under the mentioned areas in Annex I, not later than 27 February 2023, by e-mail:

8. A draft agenda on the basis of your responses will be distributed to the attendees.

9. Points of Contact:

a. For administrative matters: e-mail:

b. For content matters: Mrs Billur SAKINTUNA, e-mail:, Tel: +352 3063 6997,

And, Mr. Nektarios ALEXANDRIS, e-mail: Tel: +352 3063 6175