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2023 NIAG studies – EG meeting dates

Published: February 2, 2023

EG date Sponsor Study Title
08 March 2023 NAAG Identify solutions to fulfil NATO MILENG capability targets on counter-mobility (CMob) requirements, by the provision of CMob assets and by the development of innovative CMob solutions
30 March 2023 NAFAG SEAD Capabilities Required in 2030
12 April 2023 NAFAG Collaborative Environment for the Next Generation of Combat Air Platforms and Weapons
21 April 2023 NAAG Counter Rockets, Artillery and Mortar (C-RAM) Technologies and Required Capabilities (C-RAM Technology and Required Capabilities)
04 May 2023 AVC/C3B Precision Approach & Landing Systems – Future Technologies
09 May 2023 CNAD How to Enhance Secure, Resilient and Sustainable Availability of Strategic Materials and Microelectronics Essential to Allied Capability Development and Delivery
16 May 2023 CNAD Ensuring Allied Capabilities Adaptation in the context of Climate Change
01 June 2023 NNAG The plausibility of Area Threat Evaluation and Weapon Assignment (TEWA) in the Maritime Domain for Allied Maritime Forces
TBD NAFAG/NNAG Investigate the potential of Advanced/Novel Maritime Electronic Attack capabilities
TBD C3B Zero-Trust Architecture for federated environments

A calling notice will be issued for each EG meeting 3-4 weeks ahead of the meeting date via this BNATO Industry Support email list. Once the calling notice for a specific study is issued, participants will need to register for the EG meeting using the NATO Defence Investment Portal at:

For 2023, all NIAG Study EG meetings will be held in-person only at NATO HQ unless there are unforeseen circumstances. As there is no approved VTC technology at NATO Unclassified, no virtual or dial in option will be available. The NIAG Office and national NIAG Delegation agree this situation is not ideal and are strongly encouraging the approval of the required VTC technology by NATO security authorities.

Unescorted NATO HQ Pass for attendance in person: 

  • Security clearance/building access: Access to NATO Headquarters for EG meetings will require an unescorted access pass that is to be arranged only through the national (Canadian) Delegation.  This requires a NATO Secret clearance to obtain an unescorted building pass. Escort will not be provided. Participants should contact the Canadian Delegation at least 2 weeks in advance to obtain their pass.  Canadian citizens who plan on participating in person and who currently hold a NATO Secret clearance should contact the Canadian Delegation at to request a NATO pass.
  • Obtaining a NATO Secret clearance: For information on how obtain security screening and comply with contract security requirements, a program managed by PSPC, please visit: and Please note that it can take many months to obtain a NATO Secret clearance if starting from scratch.