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ACADA Skills Development Program

Published: March 23, 2022

ACADA is proud to announce our new 2022 Skills Development Program. Participants will have access to reduced pricing for training courses arranged and executed by ACADA through its partnership with Training Works Inc. Earlier this year, we launched a survey to determine your training needs. The four most common areas of skills development needs identified were: Business Development, Leadership, Cyber Security, and Human Resources.

Today we are launching three training initiatives starting in March 2022 based on the feedback we received. More training initiatives to follow in the coming months. 

Cyber Security 101 – Registration Closed

ACADA in conjunction with Training Works and Brendan Dunphy (formerly of Cyber NB) will offer a 3-session security training course – Cyber Security 101. Throughout the 3 x 1-hour sessions, we will explore key strategies and activities to help keep your company safe in today’s environment. Topics explored include password management, basic cybersecurity tools, how to use the web safely within your organization, phishing and malware, securing your devices, handling breaches, ransomware, backups, and certifications. 

Cost: ACADA members $600.00 (non-members $1100.00)

Dates: March 25, April 1, and April 8 – 1 pm AST 

 Business Development: Selling Strategies and Virtual Selling

 ACADA in conjunction with Training Works and partner Sandler Training of Halifax will offer a 5-session sales training course called Selling Strategies and Virtual Selling. Throughout the 5 x 2-hour sessions, we will discover strategies and techniques to begin to implement a formalized selling process for you and your sales teams. Utilizing social media tools and setting clear expectations with our prospects and clients to avoid “unpaid consulting,” and gaining control of sales cycles will also be a focus. We will begin to understand how to engage in conversation that focuses on the prospect, and dramatically increase the likelihood of positioning ourselves as an Advisor (rather than a vendor) to new prospects early in the process, resulting in more successful outcomes.

Cost: ACADA members $810.00 (non-members $1500) VALUE $2000

Reach out to if you are interested in learning more.

Leadership and Management for the 21st Century

ACADA in conjunction with Training Works and partner Priority Management of Halifax will offer 4 half-day leadership training sessions focused on Leadership and Management for the 21st Century. This program is ideal for anyone who is expected to lead and influence others in the course of their work. This training will benefit individuals with current or anticipated leadership responsibilities that interact with internal or external clients or managers who want to enhance skills through development to achieve outstanding results. Move from management to motivation by gaining the skills to lead a 21st-century team. These 8 fundamental leadership skills will equip you with the ability to ensure consistent strategy and a shared common set of processes and tools to achieve the organization’s goals and objectives.

Cost: ACADA members $720.00 (non-members $1300) VALUE $1500

Dates: April 28, May 3, May 5, May 10 – 10 am AST

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