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CoLab Software Awarded Government of Canada Contract to Modernize Engineering Collaboration

Published: January 11, 2022

For immediate release: Tuesday, January 11, 2022

CoLab Software has signed a contract with the Government of Canada that enables the Department of National Defence (DND) to test CoLab’s collaborative engineering software. Funded under the Canadian government’s Innovative Solutions Canada Testing Stream, the $412,000 CAD contract allows the Naval Material Technology Management (NMTM) section of the DND to evaluate CoLab’s usefulness for modernizing their engineering design review processes. CoLab’s web-based app provides an ideal platform to streamline engineering workflows for greater efficiency across various ongoing projects.

Engineering programs today are increasingly more collaborative, multidisciplinary, and geographically distributed than ever before. For design teams trying to manage these demands effectively, the status quo involves admin-intensive workflows and slow review cycles. Most organizations currently rely on generic tools and manual processes to collaborate on complex design projects—which leaves room for mistakes to slip through the cracks and increases the risk of expensive, preventable errors getting caught too late in the design process. CoLab is purpose-built for engineering teams to share and review design files quickly and easily, replacing the heavy use of emails, slideshows, spreadsheets, PDFs, and screenshots.

Using CoLab, engineering teams can make better design decisions and work more effectively. Design conversations are centralized in CoLab, and stakeholders always have the full mechanical context when giving or receiving feedback on a design. The review process becomes more automated and standardized with CoLab, giving engineers the ability to focus on critical design work instead of administrative tasks. Through direct CAD/PLM integrations and compatibility with over 60 file formats, CoLab brings together all the information and people involved in a design project so that collaboration is simplified, organized, and efficient. “It’s encouraging to see the Canadian government embrace modern ways of working by adopting more collaborative and digital solutions,” says CoLab CEO Adam Keating. “We’re excited to have this chance to work together and to provide tools that support the Digital Navy Action Plan.”

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