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Datifex Approved to Sell DigitalTWIN 3D™ Directly to Government of Canada

Published: June 19, 2023

Halifax, Nova Scotia – June 19, 2023 – An innovator in the digital transformation of industrial and military operations, Datifex is proud to announce its qualification for the Innovative Solutions Canada (ISC) Pathway to Commercialization (PTC) program. This approval follows a series of successful innovation test contracts with the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN), culminating in the ground-breaking commercialization of DigitalTWIN 3D™.

Datifex’s DigitalTWIN 3D™, an engagement system designed for managing complex assets, facilities, and training, is now poised to be sold directly to the Government of Canada. The PTC program enables Canadian government departments to quickly access verified technologies, with direct purchases of up to $8 million per contract. This paves the way for Datifex’s innovation to further revolutionize the way complex operations are managed.

The company’s cutting-edge platform provides web-based applications that integrate data from any source with 3D models in virtual environments. The platform offers capabilities tailored to various use cases, ranging from improving dockyard safety, gamifying training for Marine Technicians, and reducing asset downtime by enhancing docking work period planning.

By creating a single pane of glass for operations, users can access all their information in a Chrome-based application. This enhances collaboration, promotes transparency, and boosts productivity. DigitalTWIN 3D™ exemplifies Datifex’s ability to make information lightweight, easy to access, with features tailored to individual’s day-to-day tasks. “The Pathway to Commercialization approval is a significant milestone for Datifex,” said Chris Erickson, CEO. “It not only recognizes our innovation and its ability to digitally transform industrial and military operations, but also offers a great opportunity to implement solutions that have demonstrated value to the Royal Canadian Navy across various Canadian Government departments and agencies. ”

Other Government of Canada departments that have also engaged Datifex in their digitalization include Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) for command and control of remotely operated unmanned vehicular border crossings, and NRC Aerospace Centre for AirTraveler Research for situational awareness of real-time operations.DigitalTWIN 3D™ is poised to transform the way organizations manage their assets, facilities, and training, delivering an interactive experience that derisks digital transformation and inspire recruits with cutting-edge technology that evolves how people interact with complex information.