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Virtual Marine launches Embedded Navigation System 22

Published: juin 1, 2022

Virtual Marine is excited to launch its Embedded Navigation Simulator ENS22 – a proven system for testing and integration of OEM Bridge Equipment using digital models of sensors and RADAR systems.

Built using Virtual Marine’s Quest Architecture, ENS22 provides representative data to simulate GPS, AIS, MINS, Gyro, Echo sounder and Metoc systems. It can stimulate both X-Band and S-Band RADAR and generates realistic rain, environmental and ice signatures. ENS22 can generate offsets and errors to emulate equipment failures and faults that can be used to test alarm states, and vessel motion models can be configured to specific ship types to test equipment performance in sea states, providing 3D motion of vessels at speed. The system’s scenario generator software can be used to create scenarios to introduce faults and offsets, change environmental parameters, and introduce high numbers of air and sea targets. The simulator uses recognized protocols to interface with sensors and digital twins.  Available as an on-board trainer, ENS22 can be used for equipment familiarization and to maintain personnel workplace competencies.

Reach out today to learn more about Embedded Navigation System 22 and how we can support your testing and training needs.